Construction Management Services

Genpro Solutions Ltd is assigned by its clients to analyze, manage and coordinate project development and planning, as well as to provide project inspection services. Our extensive experience covers both demanding public projects and various assignments of smaller scope.

We bring projects to a successful outcome with the effective goal-orientation created by our team’s good collaboration skills and experience.  Our team is committed to reach the best outcome for each individual client.

Genpro Solutions Ltd’s business operations comprise project planning, design management, construction management, and inspections of construction works & HVAC and electrical installations. Our deliveries also include project management service model (PJP), which involves design management, scheduling, procurement and implementation with principal implementer’s site obligations. Management, goal-setting, organizing, design management, procurement and contracting, construction work management and inspections can be specified among the most important tasks.

Construction management services:

  • Introduction to the plans and real estate
  • Site inspection rounds as agreed
  • Control of time schedule, quality and contract invoicing during the work phase
  • Handover inspection and record

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