Project Management Services (PJP)

Our competent and experienced project management team conducts projects with an advanced operational model and with state-of-the-art procedures. They are committed to what they do and enthusiastic about their business.

Project management services are chosen when:

  • The project time schedule has to be short and a quick start is very important.
  • The client wants to maintain power to influence the entire execution and to control the project management.
  • The plans are revised while the project progresses in collaboration with contractors and product suppliers.
  • The client wants to control the overall costs through the price data of contracts and products.

Advantages of project management services:

  • Short execution period, investment yields profits quickly.
  • Competition can be maximized to benefit the client.
  • The client can participate directly in project management.
  • A joint organization with the client; project management organization can be tailored as necessary.
  • Flexibility with design revisions.
  • Simultaneous progress of design and construction, schedule remains in control.
  • Cost control and open bookkeeping in procurement.
  • It is possible to have higher quality when each contract is taken over while the work is still continuing and not in the last week.

Project management services (PJP) is clearly a professional’s choice; it is chosen by a client who wants to get involved and make his own decision on different options. PJP is a flexible and quick, as well as less expensive, alternative than the main contract or project management contract.

Project management services:

  • Project management, construction work management, occupational health and safety
  • Project planning and organization, construction schedules, design management
  • Procurement, competitive bidding and contracts
  • Handover and practical completion, guarantee-period tasks

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